1920 Framed Print ” Father ” P F Volland Company Buzza Motto

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1920 Framed Buzza Motto Print ” Father ” P F Volland Company. The frame and print are in good condtion with original backing on the backside. Measures 12″ x 8″.

Titled: FATHER

When all my other debts are paid
My greatest debt will yet be due
For sacrifices you have made
And cares that I have brought to you.

I have been slow to understand
The patience and the love and pride
With which for my sake you have planned,
Your own ambitions put aside.

When others have withheld from me
The praise that I have longed to hear,
You, Father, have been quick to see
And glad to speak the word of cheer.

With eager efforts you have sought
To smooth my paths and make them fair,
Unselfishly expecting naught
In payment for your tender care.

I have been slow to learn, but now,
With recollections that are sweet,
I weave a laurel for your brow
And lay my tribute at your feet.

S. E. Kiser

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