1929 Hires Root Beer Extract Sample with Storage Box and Instructions

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This is an awesome find. It’s the real thing the Hires Root Beer household sample formula of Hires Root Beer. This extract comes complete with is Hires extract glass bottle, advertising box, directions for how to make Hires Root Beer, Hires Ginger Beer and Hires Birch Beer, and a hard cardboard round cylinder shipping container. The outside shipping container has its postage return label for Charles E. Hires Company – 206 So. 24th Street – Philadelphia, PA’. This shipment was sent to a person with a first name of ‘Nellie’. That is all the name that I can read from the partial label. This round cylinder tube measures 2″ in diameter. The inside advertising box has great information about Hires Root Beer on it. It reads, ‘The gallon of Hires Root Beer made from this extract is delicious and wholesome. Combining the healthful qualities of roots, barks and berries with yeast, makes it an ideal beverage for children and grownups. – Important Shake well before using’. – ‘Directions for mixing root beer from this free sample – Pour contents over 3/4lb. Sugar. Mix well. Dissolve mixture in one gallon lukewarm water. Dissolve 1/8 cake Fleischmann’s Yeast in cup lukewarm water. Add yeast to mixture. Stir well and bottle at once. Seal with crown or stopper. Set in warm place for three days to become effervescent. Before drinking put bottles on ice. See full directions inside.’ ‘Made From Finest Grade – Honduras Sarsaparilla, Ginger, Sassafras, Hops and other healthful and scientifically blended roots, barks and berries, noted for their delicious and beneficial qualities. Let the children enjoy this pure, wholesome beverage. – The Charles E. Hires Company – Copyright 1929 – Philadelphia, PA U.S.A.’. This sample is still complete with the complete instructions pamphlet from the inside of the box. There is instructions for how to make Hires Root Beer, Hires Ginger Beer, and Hires Birch Beer. The directions even come in foreign languages, of French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, and I think Polish, and Chinese. There is recipes for making Root Beer Kisses, Root Beer Sherbet, and a Black Cow drink with the root beer extract. On the inside of this pamphlet with the directions there is a cute political saying of, ‘To end the high cost of Beverages Drink plenty of Hires Root Beer .. An aristocratic beverage at a democratic price. Last of all there is the glass bottle with partial dried out extract. The square shaped bottle is signed in embossed letters, ‘Hires Extract’ and ‘For Home Use’, on alternating sides around the bottle. The bottle measures 2 1/2″ high and is 7/8″ square bottom. The inside advertising box is 3″ long, and is 1″ x 1″. The cylinder tube shipping box is 2″ in diameter and stands 3 1/2″ high. This is a great all original find and if you collect Hires Root Beer advertising then I would think that this would me an exceptional find to add to your collection.

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