2 – Antique Yard Long Prints Sun Bonnet Babies ‘At Work & At Play’

Product #P232C

This is a fun pair of antique prints that depict six different scenes on each print that shows the Sun Bonnet babies at Play, and the second print depicts six different scenes of the Sun Bonnet babies at Work! You can’t help but smile when you gaze at the prints and all the activities for both work and play as they relate so well to life. In the lower left hand corner of most all of the 2 3/4″ high by 3 3/4″ wide print there is a ‘copyright’ listing. The frames both measure 31 1/2″ long by 7 1/2″ high. It is a great find to still have this corresponding antique prints still together after all these years. They would go nicely in a child’s room or almost any room of your home!


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