Antique 1920’s Tiny Toter for Tiny Tots Pull Type Stroller

Product #T443C

This is a unique and all original pull type stroller for parents to use to pull their toddlers in. This toy has the original manufacturer decal label that reads, ‘Tiny Toter for Tiny Tots – Made by the Tiny Toter Mfg. Company – Ohio’. There is a date of 1921 on this label. This child’s pull type stroller is well identified and marked in several places. The original condition is exceptional for this time period and the fact that it was used for small children. Notice that there is a latch on the back side of the seat, and if you unlock it you can easily place the seat in a more upright position. This toter measures 16″ high in the position that it is locked in, across the back wheels it is 13″ wide and across the front ones is 8″ wide. The diameter of the wheels are 4 3/4″ diameter, total length is 32″ long and the pull handle measures 28 1/2″ long. What a unique and fun piece this early child’s toter would be to one’s doll or toy¬†collections!

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