Antique 19th Century Cast Iron Mechanical Uncle Sam Toy Bank

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Product #T561C

19th Century all original, Shepard Hardware Company, Buffalo, New York Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank. Circa 1886: Designed by Charles Shepard and Peter Adams Jr., the Uncle Sam is the most beloved and patriotic mechanical bank ever produced. Uncle Sam, in his usual dress stove pipe hat, blue full dress coat, and red and white striped trousers, leans on his umbrella and stands on a four by five inch gray base. On the base sits a brown carpet bag which opens when the lever is pressed as coin placed in Uncle Sam’s extended hand falls into U.S. embossed bag. At the same time his whiskers start moving. Patented June 8, 1886, which is impressed on the bottom plate of this bank. This super colorful antique mechanical bank’s clever action has delighted folks for years. This mechanical bank is en expectional piece of patriotic Americana one that collector’s prize to add to their antique mechanical bank collections. This example, is all original paint and exceptional original condition, and you will not want to miss adding it to your own personal collection. The height of this bank is 11 1/2″ high.

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