Antique Advertising Cigar Nipper P. Lorillard Company The New Currency 5 Cent

Product #G791C

Excellent old country store advertising cigar nipper which advertises, ‘5 cents – The New Currency – P. Lorillard Co. Makers – Harle-Haas Company Distributors – Council Bluffs, Iowa’. Notice the levers on the right side of the box which allows one to nip your cigar. This piece measures 4 3/4″ high and the base is 8 1/4″ wide by 6″ deep. There is an old stamped marking on the bottom of this piece however I cannot read it completely. The information tells one the manufacturing company, and it appears maybe was ‘The Branhoff Mfg. Co. – ?? Ohio’. This item came from out of the personal collection of E.A. Carlson which had been on lease to the Plainsman Museum in Aurora, Nebraska for 36 years, and the entire collection was sold at auction at Aurora, Nebraska in 2012. You can identify this as there is a code on the bottom, “E.A.C. 036-95. –

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