Antique Bradley & Hubbard Floor Standing Ash Tray

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This is a signed brass ash tray made by Bradley and Hubbard. This floor standing ash tray with what I assume in the middle is for storing one’s matches or cigarettes is a unique piece in that we have the provenance of where this ash tray was given and used over the years. This particular ash tray was given to a gentleman by the name of William M. Jeffers, President of the Union Pacific Railroad Company 1937 to 1946. Mr. Jeffers was a North Platte native who started with the railroad as a call boy in 1890, Jeffers progressed through the ranks of track laborer, telegrapher, train dispatcher and division superintendent to reach the UP’s executive offices. His enthusiasm for railroading resulted in such characteristic remarks as that it was a greater thrill to ‘become president of the Union Pacific than to be elected president of the United States’. Jeffers reputation for business tenacity was recognized both in and outside the railroad industry. During World War II he was widely known as ‘the rubber Czar’ for having coordinated the federal government’s production of rubber for the war effort. Mr. Jeffers had great interest in the Canteen, famous during World War II, and Jeffers himself made many personal visits to the center. Jeffers retired from his presidency on February 1, 1946. He died in 1953.
This brass floor ash tray was on the private business train car of the Union Pacific President William Jeffers, (1937 – 1946). It was given by Jeffers to Mr. Mickells who worked for Union Pacific. ‘Thought you would enjoy this on your retiring from Union Pacific after all these years – Best of Luck – Your Friends at the Railroad’. We have included with this ash tray a program given by the Omaha Chamber Honoring William M. Jeffers.
This brass ash tray has the ‘Bradley & Hubbard Mfg. Co.’ signature done in a triangle shape, underneath the tray portion of the holder. This ash tray measures 25″ high, the bottom has a diameter of 9″ diameter, the ash tray portion measures 6 3/4″ diameter. The base is weighted to give a sturdy and strong base.

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