Antique Cane or Walking Stick Signed ‘H. Solomon – N.Y. Maker’ – Jester Face

Product #W181

Antique all original wooden walking stick cane that has a metal cap on the end that is engraved with the information regarding the maker of this cane that reads, ‘H. Solomon – N.Y. Maker’. This cane is 35″ long, the top knob is 2 1/2″ long. Notice that this wooden cane is wrapped in silver metal a few places. The metal has art work on it, the one being a human Jester type face with two snakes draping down as if like hair. Another one of the metal wrappings features a turtle. This cane is all complete it has patina that shows that it has been used over the years, but is still all complete and in tact. If you collect antique Victorian canes then you will not want to miss adding this cane to your collection.


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