Antique Cast Iron Eclipse Windmill Weight Dry Moon with Attached Arm and Partial Gear

Product #M198

All original old antique ‘Eclipse’ Dry Moon cast iron windmill weight with attached cast iron arm and partial gear. The Eclipse windmill weight its self measures 6 1/2″ high is 3 1/4″ thick and 10 1/4″ wide. The total length of the attached gear with the weight is 54″ long. This weight is listed as item number 164, in the antique windmill weight reference book, ‘Windmill Weights’ by Rick Nidey & Don Lawrence. Made by Fairbanks Morse and Co., Chicago, Illinois – Governor Weight – Weighs 25 pounds – 3 1/4″ thick and points down with no part number. (This would be a B13 part number if it were shown).
It is nice to have this original attached iron arm with partial gear to help us identify that this is indeed an old and all original antique cast iron windmill weight. Don’t miss adding this one to your own personal antique windmill weight collection.


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