Antique Cracker or Biscuit Jar – Crown Milano

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Exceptional all original enameled biscuit or cracker jar made by Crown Milano. Notice the excellent condition of the enameled design still on the exterior of this biscuit jar, and the colors that are still sharp and distinguished. This biscuit jar measures 7″ high to the top of the finial and when the handle is in the upright position it is 9 1/2″ high. The letters ‘M.W.’ are impressed in the underneath side of the silver plated lid. These initials would stand for Mount Washington, the company which made Crown Milano. Most pieces of Crown Milano are unmarked, and again this piece has no markings on the opal glassware, just this M.W. on the underneath side of the lid. As is true with most pieces of Crown Milano the background color on this piece is that of an earth tone color with detailed enameling decorating the top surface with a floral leaf design. I have been told that this same design of a cracker jar is featured in the Mount Washington book, by the author ‘Sisk’ on page 117.
Again, exceptional all original condition. This biscuit jar is one that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal collections.

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