Antique Davis Combination Salesman Sample Wall Mount Ironing Board Display – April 5th, 1910

Product #W035

This is a salesman sample display for a wall mount ironing board which would have been a convenient and space saving feature for the home. Another exciting feature is that on the underside of the ironing board is an original paper label that reads, ‘The Davis Combination Ironing Board – Patented April 5, 1910, T.A. Davis, Patentee, Findlay, Illinois. – Agents Wanted’. Notice that there is triple hinged second small ironing board that comes around to the top of the larger ironing board for ironing all those small and hard to get to spots when one does ironing. The ironing board measures 15 1/2″ long and is 3 3/4″ wide. The wooden box with fancy brass hinges and brass corners measures 17″ x 6″ and is 2 1/2″ high.

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