Antique Early Pieced Block Quilt with Provenance

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This quilt is an exceptional collection of old printed fabric and or feed sack material that would date to the 1915 – 1920 time period. We have counted at least 25 different fabrics that have been used. What a wonderful collection of early fabric samples. We have acquired the provenance on this quilt and we also acquired a copy of a newspaper article that features the woman who made this quilt. Her name was Mrs. Phoebe Kautz of Terre Haute, Indiana, who passed away 7/25/1946. We also have one other quilt that she made and you will find the same red and white fabric in this second quilt as is featured in this quilt. This quilt is obviously a collection of all the scraps of fabric that she had acquired from her quilting, and as was the norm for this time period this quilt was made from these scraps. The quilting is very even and tight, measuring a high quality of quilting of 10 stitches per inch. This quilt is in very good all original condition and it measures 68″ x 76″. What a fine piece of American history this quilt displays and we are thrilled to have the providence and history of the creator of this fine piece of art. (Please note that on some of our photos you can see light reflecting on the quilts – light was coming in from the front door, and it shows on the quilt pictures)

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