Antique Glider Hobby rocking Horse

Product #T013B

This is an all original condition glider hobby horse. This horse has the original base with gold stenciling that highlights the red painted base. This hobby horse is covered in horse hide and has the horse mane and horse hair tail. The horse hooves are made of wood. The interior of the horse is a combination of wood, and a straw like material. The base measures 14″w and is 33 1/2″ long. At the highest point at the head the horse stands 28″ high. This cradle base hobby horse came from out of the Iowa area and was brought into a local antique store there in Iowa and sold to them. This horse is showing some straw in the seams and the one ear is torn. This horse was probably made by Bauer and Krause made in Germany early to mid 20th century.-

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