Antique Green Matte Tint Roseville Wallpocket Vase

Product #G378A

This is an unusual early piece of Roseville pottery. This wallpocket is in excellent all original condition. We have even black lighted this piece and the green matte color and glaze is all original to this wallpocket. What is unique is that when I have referenced this wallpocket to the Roseville reference books, I will find this same mould under the patterns called ‘Tint’ patterns, Ivory tint, green tint, Yellow tint, etc. However, my piece is not that of a tint but it is truly a green matte piece of Roseville. The reference books that I have found this in are, ‘Roseville Pottery for Love or Money’, by Virginia Hillway Buxton, on page 110, and the second book I found two of these same mould of wallpockets is entitled, ‘The Collector Encyclopedia of Roseville Pottery’, by Sharon & Bob Huxford – Second Series’ on page 162. Both wallpockets are in the tint design one is the Yellow tint and the second is done in the Green tint. This mould is an excellent Arts & Crafts pattern and what an excellent addition to an Arts & Crafts decorated home this piece would make. The wal pocket measures 10 1/2″ long, and at the widest it is 5″ wide and at the bottom tip it is 2″ wide. Notice the mould has as open handle for hanging. Again, this wal pocket is all original and in excellent condition and we guarantee it being authentic. I don’t know if this green matte wallpocket was an experimental piece or if they made several of these green matte wallpockets in the tint patterns and the green matte colors and I just don’t have the green matte shown in the reference books that I have in my library.
Regardless, this is an excellent Roseville piece of pottery and one that would decorate an Arts and Crafts room very nicely. 

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