Antique Hiawatha Bronze Bookends Longfellow

Product #M315B

Excellent patina and almost perfect all original condition on this corresponding set of bronze bookends. This set of bookends was done in tribute to the poem of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, known as ‘The Song of Hiawatha’. In raised embossed lettering on one of the bookends it reads, ‘From the Red Deer’s flesh Nokomis made a banquet in his honor. All the village came and feasted, all the guests praised Hiawatha.’ Then on the other corresponding bookend the poem continues, ‘Forth into the forest straightway all alone walked Hiawatha proudly, with his bow and arrows. – Longfellow’. Detailed busts of the Native Americans are on both of the bookends at the very peaks, along with draping branches of pine trees, and pine cones, and at the base of each bookend there is a branch with acorns hanging from it’s branches. Each bookend stands 6 1/4″ high and the bases are 5 7/8″ wide and at the deepest measure 3 1/4″ deep. Again, excellent patina and all original condition on both bookends. This is an exceptional find of cast iron and also with the theme of poetry by Longfellow, and Native American theme what a wonderful cross collecting antique this is. –

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