Antique Julia Arthur Portrait Print in Oak Frame

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This is an exceptional combination of quality oak frame and portrait print of Julia Arthur. Julia Arthur was a Canadian actress. Julia Arthur started out in life as Ida Lewis, a bouncing baby girl born in Hamilton, Ontario to Irish and Welsh parents. She liked dressing up and playing “pretend” and thanks to her background developed a love of language at a very early age. By time she was 11, she was being given roles at an amateur dramatic club usually reserved for older, more experienced players. Julia was 14 when she was cast to play the Prince of Wales in the play, Richard III. She ended up spending three years with that production company. She met and married B. P. Cheney Jr. His father, Benjamin P, Cheney, was a fabulously wealthy American industrialist, who had owned, among other things, Calf Island in Boston Harbor and was one of the early investors in the railroad expansions into the western United States. By time she died, in 1950 at age 82, Julia had lived to see the coming of movies, the creation of radio, the invention of “the talkies” or movies with sound, and finally, television. It had been a very full, very exciting and very wonderful life for the little girl who had started out as Ida Lewis in Hamilton, Ontario. 
This oval print has wonderful detail in her expression and great feeling. The frame is of equal quality with excellent gesso applied carvings around the oak frame. The frame measures 22″ x 26″ at the widest points. Note how the frame comes in at the middle, and top and bottom. The oval opening of the print measures 15″ x 19″. A great old print that would make an exceptional addition to one’s own personal antique collection. –

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