Antique Lone Star Pattern Pieced Quilt Dated 1908

Product #Q018B
This quilt is an Exceptional find! It has been pieced in the very desirable and beautiful pattern known as the Lone Star design. This quilt is even dated on the back side in one of the corners. There is two dates, the first is 1908, and the lower date is 1920. 1908 date is embroidered on, the others penciled. Behind the 1908 date there is the letter, ‘P’ and behind the 1920, there is the letter ‘Q’. It might appear to me that perhaps 1908 would be the year that this quilt was pieced and 1920 the year that it was quilted. This quilt is a nice large size measuring 87″ x 86″ and the quilting is 9 stitches per inch and very evenly done throughout the quilt. Excellent hand sewn quilt, in exceptional all original condition. Quilt is not without a few spots, but again exceptional condition on a quilt dating 1908. We have taken several photos to show you just how exceptional this quilt is.
This quilt is just one of three that we purchased in south eastern Nebraska, and we were informed that all three quilts were made by a lady by the name of Rita Sherlock, of Blaine, Kansas. Rita and her mother made the quilts.
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