Antique Mahogany Bookcase leaded glass – Globe Wenicke Ideal

Product #F617

Mahogany Bookcase Leaded Glass – Ideal Globe-Wernicke Co. Ideal Bookcase Unit in the Original Finish, Solid Ribbon Stripe Mahogany. Four sectional stacking units with Original Top and Base with Drawer. The top Section has Dental Molding and Leaf Carvings each of the Bookcase Sections has Leaded Glass, Scissors Mechanism, Rollers, Raised Panel Sides and Fluted Columns with Greek Capitals. Each Stack has the Original Back and Manufactures Label. Serpentine Drawer Face and Leaf Style Carvings. Measure 63 1/2″ height, 35 1/2″ Wide and 14 3/4″ Depth of base. (the units are 10 1/4″) . Circa 1900.



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