Antique Majolica Pinder & Bourne Cabaret Tankard and Matching Mugs with Serving Tray

Product #G721

This is a beautiful cabaret set that consists of a tray, pitcher, and 2 mugs. This set was made by Pinder and Bourne, and dates September 6, 1876, note the English Registry marks on the bottom of the pitcher that dates the set. On the bottom of the tray impressed into the bottom it is stamped, with the ‘Pinder & Bourne’ signature. Done in brown color three of the pieces are numbered ‘8965’. The colors are very bright and bold colors of brown, white, and cobalt blue. This set is in outstanding condition, all original, with no repairs and no cracks. There is minor crazing in the glaze and the gold around the outer edge of the tray is worn is the only imperfections that I notice. Again a great find and what an excellent addition to one’s own collection this set would make. The tray measures 14 1/2″ at the widest points and 9″ at the narrow points. The pitcher is 8 1/4″ high and the bottom is 4 1/4″ in diameter and the top is 3 1/4″. The mugs measure 4″ high and are 3 1/2″ at the bottoms and 3″ at the tops. Again, don’t miss out on adding this great set of majolica to your pottery.

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