Antique Marx Toys Mechanical Wind Up Police Squad Motorcycle Toy with Partial Box

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Product #T614C

Antique tin mechanical, key wind up, Marx Toys Police Squad Motorcycle toy that comes with a partial original shipping box. This toy was made by the Louis Marx & Co., Inc Toy Company which was out of New York, N.Y. in the United States of America. The toy would have been exciting to play with, and to hear the siren noise! This motorcycle toy with side car measures 5 1/2″ high and is 8 1/2″ long by 6 1/2″ wide from the winding key to the opposite side car wheel. Very good original condition and note that there is still the original plastic visor on the side car! What a great find and to have the box with this toy makes it a real treasure to add to your antique mechanical tin wind up toy collection!

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