Antique Oak Set of Eight Matching Formal Dining Chairs – Two Armchairs in the Set – Cushion Seats

Product #F645

This is a formal, tall back and cushioned seats set of eight matching oak chairs. There are two master chairs with arms and six straight chairs. These chairs have a taller back to them, and they are sturdy and well built. Note how these chairs make a great finishing touch around a powerful claw foot oak table setting. Notice that even on the back side of the chairs they have padded bumpers to prevent the chairs from scraping a wall if the chair is placed too close. The backs of the chairs have a carved scrolling floral acanthus design. The chairs are in very good condition and are ready to be used in any home or office. The upholstery is a light green color and a leather type of material so they should be quite accommodating to any décor. The chairs measure slightly differently. The master chairs are 50″ high at the highest point and the straight chairs are 45 1/2″ high. On the armchairs across the arms the widest distance is 22″ wide. From the floor to the top of the seat is 19 1/2″ high and the seat is 18″ deep and 19″ wide inside the arms. On the straight chairs the distance from the floor is 19″ high and the seat widths are 18″ wide, and the depths are 16″ deep. Note that one of the chairs has been personalized and is written on the base front support board on the backside with the name, ‘Cardinal Pacelli Chair’. This set of eight chairs came from out of the St Louis, Missouri area and I do not have any prior history of where this amazing set of chairs has been used, but for certain at one time Cardinal Pacelli sat in this one chair out of the set. When looking online it states that Cardinal Pacelli was secretary of state to Pope Pius XI from 1930 to 1939, I assume that this could be who we are talking about and would be why someone took the time to personalize this chair.  This is a great set, and it would be a great addition to anyone’s own antique collection as well as being a great investment.

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