Antique Oil Painting of Family at Seashore Edge

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This is a large beautiful old oil painting of a family that has been fishing at the seashore’s edge. Notice the sailboat in the background. I do not have a definate time period on this painting. It was purchased here locally in South Central Nebraska, from a home, but the family was not able to enlighten us as to the age of this painting. The natural colors of this painting are an excellent match to go with the large and fancy scrolling gold composition frame that this oil painting is stored in. The frame measures 35 1/2″ x 43 1/2″ and the depth of the frame is approximately 4 1/2″ deep. The opening for the canvas oil painting is 21 1/2″ x 30″ on the front side. The frame its self is in very nice original condition, The scrolling work on the frame appears to all be all there and still intact, there is composition over the wood on the backside edges of the frame that have flaked off. These could be repaired or touched up if you wanted. If you enjoyed oil painting and were looking for a quality frame this one would be one to carefully consider using for displaying your artwork. 
Notice that this detailed painting is signed on the canvas in the lower right hand corner, I am not certain of the signature, but if would appear to be the name ‘Mercier’. We have taken a close up photo and perhaps there is someone that can tell me for certain who the artist is on this painting. The one disappointing fact on this painting is that there is a rip in the canvas. The tear is across the man’s feet, and it measures approximately 6″ long. If one knew how to repair or preserve this old canvas this would be a great addition to your art collection. There is excellent details and wonderful color combinations used on this oil painting. The large size of this frame and painting would make the cost to ship it a little higher.   –

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