Antique ‘Overall Sam’ Appliquéd Boy Crib Baby Quilt

Product #Q005B

This is an all-original boy’s crib quilt that has been done in the Overall Sam pattern. There are six blocks with the Overall Sam design and each block is divided with a blue background color. The stitching on this quilt is very good measuring nine stitches per inch. Notice the black top stitching and embroidery work around each Overall Sam figure that is quick to catch your eye. This crib quilt is a wonderful example of a 1930’s quilt with excellent appliqué, hand quilting, and hand embroidered accents. Excellent all original condition. This quilt measures 32″ x 51″. What a wonderful hanging this crib quilt could make on a wall or to be used again as a crib quilt as was its original purpose either way this is a fine example of quilting. This Overall Sam patter is the companion pattern to the very popular Sunbonnet Sue design.  


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