Antique Penny Scale – made by Columbia – coin operated

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Here’s your oppurtunity to own a wonderful piece of Americana! It’s an authentic penny scale that were often used at drug stores during the last part of the 1800’s to around the 1920’s.
This is a large floor model penny scale from circa 1920’s. This scale was made by the Columbia Weighing Machine Co. NY. It measures 70 1/2 inches tall by 16 1/2 inches wide and the bottom portion is 27 inches from front to back. Sides are made of wood, the bottom portion where you stand is made of porcelain with mozaic tiles, and there are two mirrored sections on the front of the scale. Scale is in working order, you drop a penny and step up for your weight, it is close maybe off a few pounds. The Columbia Weighing Machine Company was founded in Pittsburgh in 1902. Ten years later they moved to the Bronx NY. The company started making coin operated scales with mirror in 1922. The firms name became Columbia Scale Company in 1930. Scale shows some wear, wood sides are in pretty good condition with a few scratches. Mirrors are in good shape with no breaks. There is a very old Vick’s Rub paper ad at the bottom of the large mirror that could be removed. A neat piece that would make a nice addition to anyone’s collection.
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