Antique Pepsi – Cola Soda Pop Advertising Tin Thermometer

Product #M651C

All original tin thermometer that advertises, ‘Pepsi-Cola’, keeping with the fact that this is a thermometer it has a catchy saying that reads, ‘Any Weather’s Pepsi Weather!’. This thermometer will give you readings for 30 below zero and up to 120 degrees. The thermometer is in working condition. This thermometer measures 8″ wide by 26″ high. Towards the bottom there is ‘M165 – Made in U.S.A.’ written on this thermometer. What a great advertising piece for those of you that collect Pepsi advertising or all different type of soda advertising. Very good all original condition with just minor wear, appropriate for being an outdoor sign. Don’t miss adding this one to your own personal antique thermometer collection.  

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