Antique Pieced Basket Pattern Quilt with Green Pink & White Baskets

Product #Q013C

This is a beautiful three colored hand stitched antique quilt done in pink and green with a white background to display a basket design. This quilt when held to the light does appear to have cotton seeds in the fabric, and I can see a blue pattern design showing where one should quilt on this quilt, almost giving me the impression that this quilt has not been washed. However there is different color tones of aging on the ‘white’ pieces of fabric that have been used on this quilt, and there is some spots that would appear to be from either some moisture being exposed to this quilt while in storage or it could be from usage. This quilt is beautiful and measures 87″ x 72″ with excellent quilting being 9 stitches per inch. The quilt is trimmed in the pink color used in the baskets. Circa 1910’s to 1920’s because of cotton seeds, is our estimation. Very good original condition with only minor flaws and variations due to aging. Don’t miss out on adding this fine quilt to your own personal antique quilt collection.

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