Antique Tin Wind Up – Humphrey Mobile Toy – by Wyandotte Toys

Product #T248C

What a cute all original and working tin windup toy by Wyandotte toys called the Humphrey Mobile.   This neat toy was taken from the Joe Palooka Comic series in the 1940’s funny paper and shows Joe’s Friend Humphrey pedaling around his mobile outhouse. The mobile outhouse has an opening back door, and the graphics are remarkable. The colors are bright and shiny, and the toy operates as designed. Very good all original condition on this toy that measures 7 1/4″ high and is 8 1/2″ deep by 5 1/2″ wide. The door on the back side of the toy does open and shut for a fun feature. When the toy is wound the mobile house goes around in circles as Humphrey pedals his mobile home! What a cute all original tin windup toy.

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