Antique Victor Phonograph Player on Oak Record Cabinet

Product #W411C

This Victrola Cabinet is in good condition. There is a fancy decal that reads: Victrola with Nipper listening to His Master’s Voice with a patent date of 1906. Manufactured by Victor Talking Machines Camden, New Jersey U.S.A. There is a brass label on both the cabinet and machine that reads: Sold by A.G. Ogren Music 516 Seventh Street Rockford, Illinois. Notice one of the unique features of this two piece cabinet and player is the way in which the back top edging of the record cabinet will drop down and you then slide the record player into the fitted top to hold the player securely on top of the storage cabinet encircled with the oak band. Very unique and clever the way that this works. This cabinet comes with several records, many of the records are labeled for dancing, the fox trot, the waltz, etc. Look closely at the photos. Measures 49″ height, 29″ x 22″. –

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