Antique Victorian Crib Toy with Bisque Doll – Hot Air Balloon

Product #T035C

Early Victorian Crib toy with bisque signed ‘Germany’ baby doll. This early toy depicts a hot air balloon toy with the top of the toy being croqueted around the form of an old antique light bulb and below this hangs an attached 3″ diameter wicker type basket. Inside the basket wrapped in cotton is a small 3 1/4″ long bisque ‘Germany’ doll. Along with the marked, ‘Germany’ signature there is a number on the back of this doll the number appears to have the number ‘7’, and I can’t read the other numbers clearly. The total length of this crib toy is 16″ long. The dark red thread and cloth are quick to catch your eyes and the small puff balls are an attractive feature. There is minor deterioration on the silk cloth that encircles the bottom of the bulb, thus showing the early vintage of this Victorian crib toy. It is amazing that this toy has stayed intake and unbroken over all these years. If you are a serious collector of early crib toys then you will not want to miss adding this fine and unusual piece to your own personal collections

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