Antique ‘Our Martyrs’ Presidential Print – Dated 1901 – Political

Product #P252C

Antique print that has historical information regarding the Presidents of America that have been martyrs as of the year 1901. This print is in fact titled, ‘Our Martyrs’, This print depicts Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, and William McKinley and the print is dated in the lower corner ‘Copyrighted by Charles Gustrine & Co. – Sept. 1901’. Each of the presidents has a listing of their career highlights, and also a comment or their Last Words. For Abraham it reads, ‘Now He Belongs to the Ages’, for James Garfield, his last words were, ‘It is God’s Will, So Be It’, and last of all, William McKinley, Goodbye All, Goodbye it is God’s Way His Will Be done Not Ours’.
This framed print measures 19 1/2″ wide and is 22 1/2″ high. This print and frame are in good original condition. There is just one small spot that we took a close up of for you. Again, if you enjoy history of American presidents and Political this print would be a must!


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