Bire-ley’s Non-Carbonated Fruit Drink Tin Advertising Sign

Product #M044D

Bright and colorful is this all original tin advertising sign for Bire-ley’s Non-Carbonated Real Fruit Drinks. This detailed sign has over 10 different colors that have been used to bring it to life. This is an embossed sign as well that measures 36″ long and is 15″ high. This sign is marked by its maker, ‘A.A.W. American Art Works, Inc. Coshocton, Ohio’. There is also a marking of ‘Form E-388-49’ Dating this sign to 1949. This is a fun and attractive sign that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal collection.
Here is a little history, Bireley’s was a non-carbonated fruit drink. In California, Frank W. Bireley developed an orange drink in the 1930s. It was an orange soda drink that was pasteurized, but not carbonated. It merged with General Foods in the 1940s.

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