Bisque Heubach Baby Figurine in Carriage

Product #D200

This is the cutest little whimsical piece of bisque. The item is marked with ‘Carl Schneider’s’ mark with a ‘G’ that has two parallel perpendicular lines running through the ‘G’. Also D.E.P. is at the side of the ‘G’ and all of this is embossed in an oval with the numbers ‘9689’ embossed below the oval. There are also black marks that I cannot make out but possibly they are the artists marks. The back of this piece has not been painted and is still white bisque. The gold is mostly worn off the ruffles’ edge on the hood of the buggy and there is wear to the hubs of the wheels. The face is still very nice and the pink is very good on the blanket. The piece has not been chipped or repaired, however there is a crack that goes across the tip of the back of the blanket. This is on the backside only. Notice that the top of the blanket opens up to be a holder, like a flower holder almost. This piece measures 8 1/2″ wide, 8″ high and 3 3/4″deep. This is a great Heubach piece of bisque with lots of detail.  –

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