Antique Black Forest Highly Carved Hinged Lid Jewelry Dresser Box – original finish

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This is a beautiful Black Forest carved hinged storage box that features two birds on top of what appears to be their nest, this piece serves as a storage compartment that is felt lined. This storage compartment is resting on a branch of a tree. This piece measures 14 1/2″ wide by 7 1/2″ deep and at the highest point is 9″ high. The storage compartment is 9″ wide by 4″ deep and the lid is carved out to allow one to store taller items. Note that this piece comes with its original key. This is a remarkable Black Forest carved piece in the shape of a basket with a handle on top. One that we have not seen available before and you will not want to miss adding this piece to your own personal collection. This is out of John’s Collection.


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