Antique Quarter Sawn Oak Book Shelf desk top – carved ends – 14″ length

Product #W258E

This is a unique antique oak stationary bookshelf that features unique carvings on both ends of the stand. There is two different animal characters that have been carved into the ends of the bookshelf. It is my impression that one end features a cat chasing its tail and then the opposite end is that of a dog chasing its tail. Note the thickness of these carvings. This is a well-built bookstand that measures 14″ long is 8″ high and 8 1/4″ deep. The inside measurement where one can display your books is 12″ wide. Note the slanted construction of the shelf that allows one to display the ends of the books in a more upright position when selecting your book of choice. This is a well done and uniquely carved book stand that you will not want to miss adding to your office or home! This came from a collector of oak office furniture in Salt Lake City.

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