Antique Matching Pair of Six High Quarter sawn Oak Bookcases – Gunn Furniture Company – 1901

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Product #F820E

Match pair of Gunn sectional barrister bookcases with both bookcases being 6 high sectionals. Each Barrister Bookcase is in good original condition. Bookcases have 6 glass sections – 5 cases are 11 3/4″ high units and bottom units are 13″ height. Measures 34″ width, 14″ depth and 80 1/4″ height on the exterior measurements. Maple finished backs with mark of Gunn – Made by Gunn Sectional Furniture Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan Pat December 5, 1899 and January 1,1901. These bookcases originally were purchased from a minister who had them in his home in Ellsworth, Kansas. Having a match pair of six high bookcases, makes an impressive wall unit, whether you are using them in your home or office, you will not want to miss adding these to your own personal antique collection.

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