Antique Ruffled Brides Basket with Pelton Silver-plated Holder

Product #G816D

Exceptional and unique antique brides basket that features an art glass basket with scrolling, detailed, floral enameled designs and note that this basket will glow when held under a black light. It is a beautiful an unique piece for sure! Not sure why someone has placed two stickers on the bottom with ‘2057’ on the underside of bowl. The silver-plated holder is signed by its maker, ‘Pelton Brothers and Company – St. Louis – Quadruple Plate’. This holder is detailed as well featuring two full figured hummingbirds. The holder measures 13 1/2″ wide from handle to handle and is 9 1/4″ high. The base is 6 1/2″ wide from one foot to the opposite other. This is a unique and beautiful brides basket that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal antique art glass collection.


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