Antique Buddy L Truck – Railway Express Agency – Serve Ice Cream

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Product #T884

Antique Buddy L truck that is identified as the Railway Express Agency. Note the graphic illustration advertisement by the American Dairy Association, that reads next to the cute little girl as she is writing her letter to Santa and it reads,  ..and Santa I always drink my milk. On the opposite side there is an illustration that features ‘Serve Ice Cream your favorite way! again promotion by the American Dairy Association. This Buddy L truck with Santa advertising measures 22″ long, is 9 1/2″ high and is 6 1/2″ wide. Circa 1949. Don’t miss adding this truck to your own personal Buddy L pressed steel toys collection. Note that we acquired along with this truck two metal handcarts and one metal ladder. Appears that the child who once had this toy enjoyed using their imagination to make their deliveries with these accessories. The ladder is 11″ long and the hand carts are 6″ long.

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