Antique Tin and Wood Wardway Metal Butter Churn

Product #M378

Exceptional all original metal and wood butter churn made by the Wardway Company. Notice the original label which still identifies this churn along with informing that this is a two gallon butter churn. This churn measures 19 1/2″ high and the four legged base is 8 1/2″ wide by 9″ deep. There is metal handles on two sides of the churn.
What is really a unique find is to still have the ‘Directions for Metal Churns’ on how to churn your butter. There is detailed information about how to get the best results for your butter and information regarding the butter globules that might vary in your cream. What a great wealth of information and a very unique find in this butter churn that obviously was not used that much to still have these directions in the churn. Don’t miss adding this unique find to your butter churn collections!

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