Caille One Cent Round Top Good Luck Trade Stimulator Coin Operated Machine

Product #W689C

One Cent Caille Good Luck Trade Stimulator coin operated machine which is complete with the locking key for the bottom drawer. Produced between 1902 and 1916, and sometimes referred to as a Round Top. This machine has the playing cards and the sign across the top reads, ‘Two pair  = 1 cigar, Three of a Kind = 1 cigar, Straight = 2 cigars, Flush = 3 cigars, Full hand = 5 cigars, Four of a Kind = 10 cigars, Straight Flush = 15 cigars, Royal Flush = 25 cigars’. The base of this machine measures 9 1/2″ deep by 11″ wide and the height is 14 3/4″ high. This machine we were told came from out of a one owner family collection in the Ohio area.

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