Camp Anatomical Supports Advertising Women’s Undergarments Display

Product #CH003

All original counter top mannequin store display with the original women’s undergarment attire that advertises Camp Anatomical supports. She is wearing a bra and girdle with the wordage for the company Camp trade mark written on the base of the stand. The display measures 23″ high and is 7 1/2″ wide across the base and 6″ deep. There is a crack on the legs where they attach to the base of the display, however the piece is all strong and the crack would just be an age crack it is not damaged. The face and head of this piece are in excellent original condtion and the clothing is all complete. What an amazing piece of advertising along with being a country store women’s clothing display! This piece came from out of a women’s clothing store in North Platte, Nebraska here in the south central part of Nebraska.

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