Antique Imperial Castor Oil Kansas City, Missouri Advertising Tin with Original Wooden Shipping Crate

wood crate measures 15 1/2″ high and is 10 1/2″ by 10 3/4″

Product #W380

This is a unique find to have this all original tin that advertises, ‘Marsh Oil Co. – Imperial Castor Oil Finest Medicinal – Kansas City, Missouri’ castor oil. This large 40 pound storage tin has colorful advertising on all four sides of the tin. Then there is the unique find of having the original wooden shipping crate that also has wonderful wordage that allows us to know that this is the correct crate to go with this tin. Note that the wooden crate also advertises, ‘Marsh Oil Company Imperial Castor Oil – Kansas City, Missouri’. The top wooden board for this crate reads, ‘From the Mutual Drug Company – Kansas City, Missouri’. Note the detailed dovetailed corners on this crate. The crate measures 15 1/2″ high and is 10 1/2″ by 10 3/4″. What a colorful and complete advertising piece this will be to add to your own personal antique tin advertising collection!

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