Pair of L & JG Stickley Mission Oak Slatted Arm chairs – Circa 1912 -1918

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Pair of L & JG Stickley Oak Slatted Armchairs. The chairs are original and have a warmth to the finish that came from came from use in the Sara Heinz House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Each chair has a branded signature: ” The Work of L.&J.G. Stickley”, 1912-1918.   Measures 42″ Height, 31 1/2″ width outside of arms. (Seat is 18″ height from the floor). Upholstery has been recently recovered but has original spring seats. These are a very comfortable chair great for use in the home or office. Weight of each chair 95 to 100 pounds, so chairs will provide a strong foundation for sitting.

These chairs were acquired from Frank Swalla in Washington, Pennsylvania who provided history of chairs.

The Sarah Heinz House was erected in 1914 by H. J. Heinz as a memorial to his wife, Sarah Young Heinz. Sarah Heinz House (originally Covode House) was a settlement house in at the corner of Heinz and Ohio streets in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. It adjoined the H. J. Heinz factories. The house’s mission was to provide wholesome social and recreational opportunities; to utilize leisure time and energy; to study individual requirements and awaken and direct latent ability; to develop Christian character and train for efficient citizenship the young people of the community; to draw together neighborhood residents and friends for mutual helpfulness: to train for service in the community.


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