Antique toy Sherwood Coaster Wagon

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This antique toy wagon is in good original condition. The sides read Sherwood Spring Coaster. Note the springs on the axles of the iron spoke wheels. The box of the wagon measures 34″ x 14″ and 15″ Height.  I have a copy off of a magazine ad from 1919 that reads:

Built for Safety, Speed and Long, Rough Usage Sherwood Spring Coasters and Sleds. A real coaster wagon that children will enjoy for a long time. Pulls and Glides so easily! – because of roller bearings. Rides comfortably because of 4 shock absorbing springs. It’s fine, substantial construction– pressed steel frame and wheels, seasoned white ash body (removable)– mean long life in spite of rough usage.

When children are on a coaster their enthusiasm breaks loose immediately. When they actually own and use one their joy is good to see. Remember both coasters keep children outdoors in healthful, wholesome, gladsome exercise.

On display by most department hardware and toy stores. If not at your store, we will provide you direct. Wer it Descriptive Matter.

Sherwood Bros. MFG. Co. Canastota, N.Y.

Sherwood products are sold in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan under name “O.V.B.”

Circa 1900.

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