Antique Arcade Crystal No. 3 Wall Mount Coffee Mill Grinder

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Product #M830

Antique wall mount coffee grinder that was made by Arcade and this model is called the Crystal No. 3 model that is done in the black color. The coffee grounds collection cup is not the original cup for this piece, is the only thing that is not original to this piece. These cast iron wall mount Arcade coffee grinders came in different colors. They were made in black, blue, red, yellow, green and white. This coffee grinder measures 19″ long and at the widest point is 5 1/2″ wide where it attaches onto the wall with this metal bracket. Note the raised lettering on the cast iron bracket that reads, ‘Arcade – Crystal’. The top glass where the coffee beans are secured also has the word ‘Crystal’ embossed in the glass. This grinder moves smoothly and is in working order. Don’t miss adding this piece to your own personal antique collection, or if you enjoy your own coffee grounds and you want to grind them with an antique flare then this piece is for you!

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