Antique Enterprise No. 2 Small Double Wheel Cast Iron Coffee Grinder – Country Store

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Product #M722

Antique Country Store Number 2 Size Coffee Grinder – Cast Iron Double Wheel – Made by Enterprise Manufacturing Co. – Philadelphia. USA – This is a very nice double wheel coffee grinder with original paint and decals in very good condition. This coffee grinder came from an antique dealers collection in Estherville, Iowa. Circa 1900. The wheels on the grinder measure 8 3/4″ diameter, while the wooden base is 6 1/4″ deep by 6 1/4″ wide. The widest point on this grinder is 10 1/2″ wide from the wooden handle to opposite wheel of the grinder, and the grinder is 12 1/2″ high. Note the original golden decals still intact on this grinder. Original porcelain knob on the grounds collection drawer. This is a keeper. Don’t miss adding this coffee grinder to your own personal collection.

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