Collection of 8 pieces of Sunflower Roseville Pottery

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Sunflower Roseville Pottery is a very popular pattern introduced in about 1930. Sunflower’s theme is expressed in realistic low relief. Well defined yellow sunflower blossoms, framed in green leaves, circle the top of each piece with the sunflower’s heads nodding. Long green stems are carried all the way to the base, where they blend with a textured background.
There is one basic color scheme. Mottled ivory-yellow and terra cotta at the top changes to a mottling of light and dark green beneath the motif. This in turn deepens into a mottling of light green and royal blue at the base. Sunflower is a relatively short line of simple rounded uncluttered shapes. It is a very desirable pattern to collect in Roseville pottery.
There is eight pieces total in this collection. Each piece is in very good original condition.  Six of the eight pieces came from a collection out of Florida.
Two vases have the original Roseville Pottery label still on the underside. There is two taller vases that are the same shape, otherwise the rest are all different Roseville designs.
The tallest vase in this collection stands
1) 10 1/2″ high
2-3) There are two vases that are the same shape that are both 9 1/4″ high
4) 6″ high vase that also has an original Roseville Pottery paper label on the underside.
5) 5 1/4″ high vase also with an original Roseville pottery paper label
6) 5″ high vase
7) 4 1/4″ high vase that is wider with a 7 1/2″ diameter width
8) 4″ high vase

We are thrilled to be able to offer eight pieces of Sunflower Roseville pottery to start or add to your collection!


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