Antique Rubina Glass 4 Piece Condiment Set with Silverplated Holder

Product #G931

Antique Rubina pattern glass condiment set that features four glass condiment holders, all complete with stoppers and serving spoon. There are two containers that would be for serving liquid, like oil and vinegar, and then the last two would serve solid toppings, such as salt and pepper. Note that there is a silverplated serving spoon with engraved hallmarks on the back, inside the one condiment. Notice the smooth lines with metal ball feet on the silverplated holder. The holder measures 5 1/8″ x 5 1/4″ and to the top of the handle is 8″ high. Notice the hallmarks on the underneath of the holder. It reads, ‘H.C. & Co’s’. – ‘3159’ is the number engraved in the base as well. This is a beautiful condiment set that is in excellent original condition.


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