Country Store Display Advertising Tin – Bonnie B Ladies Hair Nets – 1921

Product #M547C

All original old antique country store display and advertising tin for Bonnie B. Imported Human hair nets. A great piece! This is a colorful and uniquely shaped tin that features Priscilla Dean – Universal Star on two of the panels. Note that the front has a mirror type section for looking at ones self. This advertising piece is dated, ‘1921 The Bonnie B. Co. Inc. – New York’. Then on the back side where you access the display cabinet there is another advertising plaque that reads, ‘The American Art Works – Coshocton, Ohio’. Notice the revolving door which swings to reveal the nets and there is several colors that were offered, ‘Med. Brown, Black, Light Brown, Blonde, and Dark Brown’. This cabinet has a wooden base and then the detailed graphic tin sides and top. This piece measures approximately 13 1/2″ wide by 11″ deep and is 14 1/2″ high. This is a detailed country store advertising piece that you will not want to miss adding to your own personal antique collection.


Close up of the side panel of the beautiful advertising!

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