Antique Baby Crib Quilt – Balloon Ride with 3 Dogs

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Product #Q032C

Antique baby crib quilt that depicts a scene of three dogs that are going for a ride in a hot air balloon. One can’t look at this cute scene without it bringing a smile to your face! This quilt is brought to life with the detailed embroidery work and the different stitches that were used to produce this quilt. There is approximately six stitches per inch regarding the closeness of the stitches on this quilt. The backing for this quilt is a light mint green color. This quilt measures 33′ X 48″. There is some spots on this quilt, we have chose not to try and wash the quilt or to remove them, so one might be able to get them out. (We did try to take closeups) the colors of this quilt hide the spots when you are looking at the quilt from a distance. This quilt is so cute and makes you smile. Would make a wonderful wall hanging in a nursery or toddlers room, or if you collect antique dolls and are looking for something to hang in your room this would be a cute option.


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