Antique Czech Lamp – Czecho – Slovakia Signed Dome Covered Small Lamp

Product #G251E

All original old glass lamp with enclosed dome cover and the lamp. Notice the mark the bottom of the lamp that reads in a circle, ‘Czecho – Made In – Slovakia’. This lamp is in good working condition. The soft glow that radiates out from this lamp reminds one of a night light that would be very pleasing and relaxing. The diameter of the lamp is 5 1/4″ diameter at the widest, the base is 5″ diameter, and 12 1/2″ is the height. The blue glass color of this lamp along with the detailed enameled floral design makes this a remarkable lamp. Don’t miss this cute lamp being added to your antique lamp collection. Note how the coloring of this lamp shade changes to almost a clear coloring when the lamp is lite. Beautiful!

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